Unlock Your Morning Glow: A Step by Step Guide to Crafting Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Unlock Your Morning Glow: A Step by Step Guide to Crafting Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Creating my skincare routine took time and experimentation. I tried various routines until I found what truly worked for me, especially as the warmer months are approaching. Growing up, I battled severe breakouts that left me feeling self-conscious, leading me to rely heavily on makeup to hide my breakouts, which didn't really hide much and probably even caused me to break out more. But hey, you live & learn! 

Most makeup can be highly toxic, so I decided to embrace a more natural look for my day-to-day life & usually go sans makeup unless I feel like getting a little fancier. Especially now that I live in the South, makeup tends to melt off in the summer heat anyway. It helped reinforce my choice to prioritize skincare over makeup.

 As spring transitions to summer, I've fine-tuned my morning skincare routine to ensure my skin stays healthy and radiant for all my summertime outdoor adventures.

I kickstart my day by drinking warm filtered water with lemon, adding a boost of hydration with natural electrolytes like a splash of trace minerals and a dash of Celtic Sea salt. This simple ritual not only nourishes my body but also hydrates my skin from within.

Once I've completed my other morning rituals, I begin my skincare routine by washing my face with our Fresh Detox Activated Charcoal Soap. This soap is excellent for detoxifying the skin, as well as healing and preventing breakouts. Following this, I indulge in an exfoliation treatment using our Invigorate Coffee and Raw Honey Scrub. The coffee helps clear away dead skin cells while the raw honey heals scars, acne, and hydrates the skin. The aroma of coffee invigorates me, especially now as I transition away from coffee and embrace the tea life.


Transitioning from coffee to tea has been a deliberate choice over the past six months, and I've noticed significant improvements in my skin's appearance and texture. To complement my skincare routine, I've started to include our New Organic Skin Glow Tea, which nourishes my skin from the inside out. Adding this tea to my routine has truly transformed the look and feel of my skin. This tea was specially formulated to help your skin get that summertime glow. It's infused with hibiscus, rose, jasmine, stevia, orange & lemon- this tea is so delicious!! You can enjoy it in the morning as a hot tea- no honey even needed & even during the day by infusing the tea in your water with some ice.

Gets you hydrated & keeps you wanting to keep filling that water bottle so you can keep enjoying that refreshing & beautifully colored tea. Just wait until you see how deep & beautiful the hue of the tea is. I love to drink it hot in the morning while I journal in the backyard & listen to the birds it has become my favorite self-care morning treat. It feels like my own little sanctuary and that tea just makes it feel extra luscious. 

 Next, after the scrub, I apply a few drops of our Rejuvenate facial serum oil to my face, neck, and chest. This luxurious oil penetrates deeply, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated & ready for my Gua Sha massage.

To help make my face look less puffy and help with giving more definition and promote lymphatic drainage, I incorporate a 2-5 minute Gua Sha facial and neck massage using a chilled Gua Sha tool that I leave in the freezer overnight. As I massage, I listen to frequency music to set positive intentions for the day ahead. Finally, I complete my routine with my favorite unscented lip balm, keeping my lips soft and moisturized throughout the day.

Crafting the perfect morning skincare routine has become a cherished ritual that not only nourishes my skin but also sets the tone for a day filled with confidence and radiance. As I continue to prioritize self-care, I'm excited to see the ongoing transformation and help my body start to glow from with in. 

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