My Detox Journey Program

My Non-Toxic Journey to My Highest Self
 This program will be your go-to for learning all about how to start or how to up-level your non-toxic lifestyle, from learning, how to start detoxifying the items you use in your home on a daily basis, what daily skincare products to use, as well as other mindful changes to start making an impact on your life. Not only will you learn how to detoxify your body, but also learn tools on how to detoxify your mind with introductions to energy work, meditation, and holistic ways to help guide your mind, body & soul to true alignment with your healthiest highest self.
My Non-Toxic Journey To My Highest Self includes:
  • 1:1 individualized coaching plan created based on your personal needs
  • bi-weekly 60 minute calls per month. 1:1 calls- to create personal plans on how to start detoxing all the products you use in your home on a daily basis. Guidance on what products to use, how to make your own, on detoxify your home and space.
  • 1 monthly 90 min. Workshop call, each call will be a different topic. Including experts on introduction to meditation, breath work, and holistic wellness. Allow more space for integration, knowledge and space for questions.
  • 1-90 minute Reiki/ Energy work session to assist with mindset shifts to help support the new lifestyle changes.
  • Learn how to make your own clean products, and food replacements. How to read product and food labels, so you can make educated choices on the items you choose to use in your life.
  • Access to a private online Facebook group for support
  • Curated non-toxic skincare monthly subscription of products to start incorporating them into your daily lifestyle.
  • Build an intimate community of like minded woman
    • Calendly link to schedule your 1:1 calls
    • 3 month program
    Limited spaces available- Enrollment begins Monday April 24st -Friday April 28th
    Program Cost: (Payment due upon registration)
    $3,333 one time payment paid in full payment option  
    $1,222 monthly installments  
    Submit your information below to receive your links for payment, set the 1:1 calls and group calls.