Our Story


 It started with a simple search out of curiosity our founder, Daisy began researching the ingredients in products that we use for ourselves every day. What she found changed her perspective completely and became the inspiration for creating Little Buddha. She was blown away when she found out that all the products we use are packed with artificial additives and harmful chemicals that are detrimental for our skin.

These are substances that come directly into contact with our sensitive skin. The exact materials that were advertised to assist our bodies through a process of revitalization and health were actually causing the exact opposite to occur. She knew that she could change this and offer a new, organic selection of goods that would satisfy the needs of the customers while simultaneously supporting a natural way of living that is also mindful of the environment and eco-friendly. That is how Little Buddha came into existence.

Using her one-of-a-kind skills and Ayurvedic knowledge she has created wonderful natural products that not only supercharges your lifestyle but take your healing to a whole new level. 


At Little Buddha we are a women-owned company that is committed to creating clean, ethically sourced, premium quality skincare products with eco-friendly packaging. All our packaging is now recyclable, compostable or bio-degradable.  

Our products are fragranced with pure essential oils and plant-based ingredients— free of unwanted chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

We believe a clean and healthy lifestyle begins with what you use on your skin on a daily basis.




Natural ingredients are used in place of chemicals and are sourced from homegrown suppliers in the U.S.A. We are dedicated to assisting you in rejuvenating your soul and energy while simultaneously being clean for your household. We are transparent with what we produce so our customers know exactly what they are getting without any surprises. Little Buddha is passionate about raising the bar for what natural care products can be.



We are working hard to update and refresh the look and feel of our branding and packaging to better express what we do. Take a look at our progression:

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