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Invigorate Coffee Scrub

Invigorate Coffee Scrub

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Invigorate Coffee Scrub

Handcrafted with love & care with the following ingredients:

✓ Coffee grounds
✓ Honey
✓ Jojoba oil
✓ Vanilla oil
✓ Peppermint oil

All about our Invigorate Coffee Scrub and its benefits:
Wake up your skin and your senses with a sweet and stimulating shot of this freshly brewed exfoliant! We combined energizing ground coffee beans with hydrating honey and jojoba oil for an enticing shower experience. Invigorate Coffee Scrub promotes skin-brightening benefits with added antioxidants from our finest oils and honey. Inhale the slow-roasted coffee aroma as you buff away dry and dull skin. This all-natural exfoliator will leave your skin feeling refreshed and your mind alert enough to take on your day!

How to Use
For soft and glowing skin, gently rub the scrub on the face and body to exfoliate, then wash off. Focus on areas of dry skin and breakouts. For best results, gently mix the scrub in the jar before application. Repeat 1-3 times per week.

6 oz

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