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Unscented Organic Lip Balm

Unscented Organic Lip Balm

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Unscented Organic Lip Balm

All about our Unscented Organic Lip Balm and its benefits:

Give your lips the deep conditioning they deserve with our all-natural and extra moisturizing organic lip balms! We created our hydrating and nourishing lip balms with organic shea butter, organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, and coconut oil to lock in all-day moisture. Our unscented lip balm is perfect for those that are sensitive to smells and prefer moisture without any of the fragrance. Our aroma-free lip balm also works well for layering products.

How to Use:
Smooth onto lips for protection and conditioning to leave your lips at their best! All of our lip balms are truly top-notch when it comes to hydration and they are staples during the dry winter months.

Handcrafted with love & care with the following ingredients:
✓ Organic shea butter
✓ organic cocoa butter
✓ coconut oil
✓ organic beeswax

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Customer Reviews

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Beautifully packaged with personal note, and loved receiving the soap samples! (Just bear in mind the processing time if you are are purchasing this as a gift.)

We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review, Erin. These are the stories that keep us so motivated to continue doing what we’re doing, and we’re so happy to hear that you had a great experience. Sending lots of love to your day! ❤️