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Rejuvenate Facial Oil Serum

Rejuvenate Facial Oil Serum

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All about our Rejuvenate Facial Oil Serum and its Benefits:

If your skin is looking to take back its natural and healthy glow, this facial oil serum is for you! Rejuvenate is formulated with the intoxicatingly citrus scent of our high-quality grapefruit oil, the hydrating combination of jojoba, sweet almond, and vitamin E oils, and the inclusion of the skin-soothing vanilla and sandalwood oil. Grapefruit has aromatherapeutic, cleansing, and toning properties to help brighten your skin as well as your day! This citrusy and sweet facial serum was created to complement some of our other customer favorites like our Good Vibes Only line, making it a great way to pair your facial oil and body soap for a complete uplift to your mind, body, and spirit.

How to Use
Apply 3-4 pumps to damp face and neck after washing in the morning and evening for glowing skin. Perk up your day as you massage the serum into your skin while inhaling the sweet and uplifting natural fragrance.
*For external use only. Please keep away from your eyes.

Handcrafted with love & care with the following ingredients:

✓ sweet almond oil
✓ vitamin E oil
✓ jojoba oil
✓ vanilla oil
✓ sandalwood oil
✓ grapefruit oil

2 oz

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