Minimalist Travel Skincare: Streamlining Your Routine for Packing Efficiency & Glowing Skin

Minimalist Travel Skincare: Streamlining Your Routine for Packing Efficiency & Glowing Skin

With Summer right around the corner with- travel plans, summer road trips, vacations, allllll the things! It is not the easiest to maintain the skincare routine that I keep when I am at home.

So that's why I always ensure I have my travel essentials and keep it to the basics. Sometimes I would forget to bring some of my essentials like, soap. Then I had to use hotel soap.... which was not my favorite and left my skin feeling pretty dry and itchy.

Follow these travel packing essentials so you will never have to be like me and be subjected to dry and itchy skin from your probably toxic hotel soap.


-Facial Serum- this helps ensure your skin is always hydrated no matter if you are flying or driving to your destination. My favorite go to is our Rejuvenate Facial Serum Oil- which also conveniently comes in a 2 oz size- so it can go with you anywhere and is TSA compliant. 


-Soap with reusable packaging/ soap saver box- this way you can always have soft & moisturized skin even on the go and never have to use that drying hotel soap again. My favorite go to - to have with me is the Fresh Activated Charcoal Soap. It comes with eco-friendly reusable soap packaging that will ensure you can bring your soap with you wherever you go. Just remember to leave it out to dry between uses so it can last longer for all your adventures.

Blonde to Light Brown Hair Dry Shampoo

-Dry Shampoo- this helps me do a quick refresh whenever I am on the go for my hair & face. That's why I always bring our Natural Dry Shampoo with me, since I use it as my combo- as my dry shampoo to freshen up my hair and also as my face powder.


-Lip Balm- I can't go anywhere without my lip balm to be honest so this is always just with me at all times. I love our Unscented lip balm- easy to use, super hydrating & glossy without the toxic stickiness. 

Obviously- I wish I can pack all my skincare and if I can I usually do- but as long as I can have these 4 travel essentials I know my skin will be taken care of & I can relax and enjoy my summer adventure with my glowing skin. 

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