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Sage Stick

Sage Stick

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Organically Grown Sage Bundle | Smudging | For Cleansing | For Healing | Meditating

Reset Your Vibrations

Sage is commonly used to cleanse physical spaces of negative energy through the use of smoke. This ancient practice of cleansing with smoke has been performed for centuries around the world. Our sage bundles are made from organically grown and hand-rolled herbs by Moonlight Smudge in Berwyn, IL. The white sage is straight from the garden and handcrafted in a bundle with lavender, rosemary, and basil.

Use the smudge to cleanse your physical space when moving into a new home, starting a new job, following an argument, and after an illness. This sage bundle is great for meditation and it is an effective mood lifter that will help reset the tone of your space. You may also use the smudge to cleanse your crystals or other sacred items. It is important to perform your smudging mindfully and close out the cleansing ceremony in gratitude.

Each bundle is approximately 6 inches long.

Sage Smudge Affirmation: I clear this space of bad intentions and anything that is not aligned with light and love.

How to Use:
Take a moment to set a specific intention for your cleansing. Light an end of the sage bundle and blow out the flame after 30 seconds so the leaves begin to smoke. Continue to lightly fan the bundle and move clockwise to reset the energy of your space, items, or self. You can recite a cleansing affirmation out loud or quietly to yourself. To extinguish, simply snuff out the smoking end in a fireproof dish.  The lingering scent will leave your space feeling fresh and calm. 

Each bundle can be relit several times.

*Warning: Do not leave your lit sage bundle unattended. Please be mindful of cleansing with smoke near pregnant women, children, and individuals with a sensitivity to smoke. Use sage with great caution.

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