Spring Cleaning: Learn How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Toxin-Free Oasis

Spring Cleaning: Learn How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Toxin-Free Oasis


As winter slowly fades away and the warmth of spring approaches, I'm ready for the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Instead of just tidying up, I want to share my proactive steps on how to create a low-toxin home, starting with your bathroom. Recognizing that this often-neglected space can harbor harmful chemicals in personal care products and cleaning supplies, let's ready to roll up our sleeves, no cleaning gloves needed since we won't be using any toxic cleaning supplies. Here's how to get started:

Audit Your Shower:

The shower is where we cleanse and rejuvenate, but it's also where many harmful chemicals can be found. Begin by taking inventory of what's lurking in your shower caddy and cabinets. Check labels for ingredients like parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and artificial fragrances – these are indicators of potentially harmful substances. Those ingredients can harm your fertility, negatively affect your health & even have cancer-causing effects. NO THANKS!


Clear Out the Clutter:

Once you've identified the culprits, it's time to declutter. Dispose of any expired products or items you no longer use. Pare down your collection to essentials, opting for multipurpose, natural alternatives wherever possible.


Choose Clean Alternatives:

Replace conventional products with clean, toxin-free alternatives. Look for organic, and cruelty-free options that prioritize your health and the environment. Swap out your chemical-laden shampoo for a gentle, sulphate-free formula, and trade your synthetic body wash for a natural soap enriched with nourishing botanicals. Some great alternatives are our Breath Goat's Milk Soap which helps open the sinuses and is gentle & effective enough to use it daily on your face & body. Or are Fresh Goat's Milk Soap which is great for a deeper detox and help prevent & heal acne.


DIY Shower Scrubs:

Embrace the power of DIY by creating your shower scrubs using simple, natural ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen. Mix equal parts coconut oil and sugar to make a luxurious exfoliating scrub that buffs away dead skin cells while moisturizing your skin. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils for a personalized touch and invigorating aroma. Or if making things are not your thing- believe me I get it- the perfect solution is our Invigorate Coffee & Raw Honey Scrub which provides a gentle scrub you can use daily on your face & body. The coffee that is used comes from our local Coffee house Be-caffeinated in Chattanooga and the honey comes from Local Bee Farmer at Harrison Bay Honey Farm.


Invest in a Water Filter:

Water quality matters, especially when it comes to your daily shower. Install a shower filter to remove impurities like chlorine, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your water supply. Not only will this benefit your skin and hair, but it will also contribute to a cleaner, healthier home environment & help your products be more effective.


Detoxify Your Cleaning Routine:

Don't forget to address the cleaning products you use in the bathroom. Swap harsh chemical cleaners for natural alternatives like vinegar, baking soda, and castile soap. These gentle yet effective cleaners can tackle soap scum, mold, and mildew without compromising your indoor air quality or health.


Create Your Favorite Cleaning Solution:

One of my favourite cleaning solutions for maintaining a toxin-free bathroom is a simple yet effective DIY spray. Start by getting a glass spray bottle in cobalt blue or amber brown, as these colours protect essential oils from light and sun exposure. Fill the bottle with two-thirds water and one-third vinegar. Then, add 10-20 drops of lavender and lemongrass essential oil. Lavender offers antibacterial properties and a soothing scent, while lemongrass adds a fresh, citrusy aroma and helps repel insects. Shake well before each use and spray on surfaces to disinfect and leave your bathroom smelling delightful. I use this to clean everything in my home.


Embrace Green Living:

Incorporate green plants into your bathroom decor to purify the air and add a touch of natural beauty. Some of my favorites are spider plants, peace lilies, and snake plants are excellent choices for improving indoor air quality and thriving in low-light, high-humidity environments.


Maintain Your Toxin-Free Oasis:

Once you've detoxified your bathroom, make it a habit to regularly assess and update your products and cleaning practices. Stay informed about emerging trends and innovations in clean living to continually refine and enhance your toxin-free sanctuary. Want to receive more tips on clean living? Follow us at @littlebuddhabydaisy on Instagram to receive more clean living tips.



Spring cleaning isn't just about scrubbing surfaces and organizing clutter – it's an opportunity to create a healthier, happier home environment. By starting with your bathroom and prioritizing toxin-free living, you can transform your daily routine into a nourishing ritual that supports your well-being and the planet. Want to receive more tips on clean living? Follow us at @littlebuddhabydaisy on Instagram to receive more clean living tips and join our Self Care Tribe Newsletter to stay in the know and recieve 20 % off on your first purchase as my thank you. 

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