3 Reasons Why Unscented Products Are Essential for New Moms & Babies

3 Reasons Why Unscented Products Are Essential for New Moms & Babies

Becoming a new mom is a beautiful and transformative experience, filled with joy, love, and a few challenges along the way. During this special time, it's important to care for yourself and your baby with products that are gentle, safe, and nurturing. That's why we created an unscented product line, specially crafted for new moms. We'll explore the reasons why our unscented products are the perfect choice for you and your little one.

Pure Body Butter
1. Sensitive Skin Care:
As a new mom, your body undergoes numerous changes, including shifts in hormone levels and increased skin sensitivity. Our unscented products like our  Pure Triple Whipped Body Butter are designed with your well-being in mind, free from fragrances and potential irritants. They provide a gentle touch to soothe and nourish your sensitive skin, promoting comfort and helping you feel your best during this transformative journey. Safe to use before or after breastfeeding to assist with any dryness or skin irritation. 

2. Sensative to Frangrances 

When it comes to the delicate skin of newborn babies, it is crucial to choose products that are gentle, safe, and free from harsh chemicals & frangrances. Our Pure Triple Whipped Body Butter and Unscented Lip Balm are specifically formulated with the utmost care to ensure they are suitable for newborn babies. We understand that newborns have sensitive skin, which is why our body butter is free from harsh irritants, scents and potential allergens. Many frangrances can upset expecting moms and escpeially new borns sensative skin so this formula was left unscented. The gentle formulation minimizes the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. We use only the purest and highest quality natural ingredients in our body butter. These ingredients, such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and other high quality oils, are known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties, making them safe and beneficial for newborn skin for use between diaper changes or after bath time. Use the body butter after bath time to moisterize the babies skin and use as a bonding moment to massage into the skin especially areas like the feet and hands to help baby stay calm as well. 

Pure Body Butter

3. Postpartum Healing and Recovery:

The postpartum period brings its own set of unique challenges, both physically and emotionally. Our unscented products are crafted to support your healing process. Whether you're dealing with perineal soreness or hormonal imbalances, our unscented Pure Triple Whipped Body Butter, offers a gentle touch without introducing potential allergens or irritants. They promote natural healing and provide the much-needed care and comfort you deserve during this important phase.

As a new mom, self-care becomes an essential part of your journey. With our unscented product line, you can embrace the gentle touch of skincare tailored to your needs. Our products are designed to care for your sensitive skin, create a safe environment for your little one, and support your postpartum healing and recovery. Prioritize your well-being and nurture the beautiful bond with your baby by choosing our unscented products. Embrace the journey of motherhood with products that reflect your love and care.

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