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Little Buddha by daisy

Self-Love Essential Oil Roll-On

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Heart Chakra Essential Oil Blend and Rose Quartz Crystal Roll-On

We know how important self-love is in achieving a balanced life of joy and compassion. Therefore, we created an easy form of self-care with our soft floral essential oil roll-on. The blend includes pure fractionated liquid coconut oil with the sweet floral rose absolute and geranium oil and the subtle earthy undertones of myrrh. We added rose quartz chips to our roll-on for a daily reminder that love for oneself helps foster a healthy mind, body, and soul.

The Heart Chakra symbolizes unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is said that working with specific essential oils and crystals can promote healing and balance to the associated energy center in the body, known as a chakra.

Heart Chakra Affirmation
I am loved.

How to Use
Apply the essential oil roll-on to your wrists and neck for a soft woody rose fragrance and a gentle reminder that you are loved. Apply the roll-on near your heart to help balance and heal your Heart Chakra.

Pure fractionated liquid coconut oil, rose quartz chips, rose absolute oil, geranium oil, myrrh oil

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