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Fresh Essential Oil Spray

Fresh Essential Oil Spray

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Fresh Essential Oil Spray

Don’t forget to take a moment to focus on your well-being during these fast-paced times with a simple spritz of our Fresh essential oil spray! The lemongrass aromatherapy awakens your senses for a refreshing reset for your mind, body, and soul! We created the base of our spray with distilled water and witch hazel for even the most sensitive of skin. Pair this aroma mist with our Fresh Bath Bomb for a delightfully refreshing bathing experience!

How to Use
Spritz this energizing essential oil spray all over your body anytime you need a boost of energy. This can be used as a mid-day refresher for yourself and to help clear your mind. You can even spritz your surroundings to freshen up the atmosphere before your yoga practice or meditation.

Distilled water, witch hazel, and lemongrass essential oil

2 oz

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