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Dream Bracelet: Amethyst and Lava Stone Diffuser Beads

Dream Bracelet: Amethyst and Lava Stone Diffuser Beads

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Amethyst is a great beginner’s stone and it is known as an “all-healer” stone. This purifying stone supports serenity and may help to overcome addictions. It is believed to promote restful sleep, aid insomnia, provide a deeper understanding of dreams, and even guard one against nightmares. Wear amethyst while meditating or to simply relax your mind.

Pair this tranquil stone with your favorite essential oil for added scent relief throughout your day. This bracelet includes lava stone diffusing beads that absorb essential oils for all-day aromatherapy. This grounding stone along with the clarifying properties of amethyst is a perfect match to help dream your desired world into being.

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