All About Little Buddha

Why Little Buddha?


Little Buddha was established in 2018, by Daisy Betance. This company is based on finding holistic ways to feed the mind, body and  soul. By using crystals to energize the mind, handmade organic products without all the horrible chemicals and additives for the body. As well as re-centering your soul with  reiki.

Crystal Jewelry


Crystal jewelry is not only beautiful but also provides the wearer the healing qualities of the gemstones. It can provide healing in all aspects of your life. From spiritual healing to phyiscal, emotional and mental healing . Each crystal has it‘s own unique healing properties, so depending on what you need you can find a crystal that will help you . Notice how its energy effects your day, your mind and spirit.

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Handmade Natural Products



All of the products are handmade with natural and organic ingredients, and fragranced only with essential oils.

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Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used to heal physical and mental trauma, and to support mental clarity and spiritual well-being. To administer Reiki, a practitioner channels energy through his or her hands unto another. This allows the the Reiki to flow through the affected parts of your energy field and charges them with positive energy. It raises awareness in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are contained. This causes the negative energy such as stress, anxiety, physical pain, sadness, confusion, etc. to loosen its grip, allowing the touch of the Reiki healer to pass along the energy and clarify the energy pathway.

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Crystal Diffuser Jewelry


Crystal jewelry that has the ability to diffuse your favorite essential oils. Just add 2-3 drops of essential oils on to the lava stone on your artisan crafted jewelry piece. The scent will last about 1-2 days.

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own soap or candles? Or make your own  personalized jewelry? Check out  our events calendar for your local scheduled  class or book a class for a special event, like a birthday, girls night out etc.

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